Whether it be the creation of highly visible Community Art Projects, Gateway statements, neighbourhood traffic management, water saving initiatives, bio-diversity planning or input into the Bowden Urban Village TOD, Hindmarsh Greening is there.
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For 26 years, iconic community group Hindmarsh Greening has been transforming the historic Hindmarsh area one artwork and one tree at a time.

Since its inception in 1989 Hindmarsh Greening has been a proactive group of community minded volunteers focused on positive outcomes for the wider community.

From its humble beginnings, Hindmarsh Greening has seen many changes. Starting with a number of enthusiastic community members who collected seeds and cuttings and then nurtured them, through until now, where Hindmarsh Greening operates successfully on a number of different levels.

We have demonstrated that change starts at the grassroots level, and any contribution, whether it be organisational, artistic, lobbying Council for support or bringing morning tea to a working bee, it has all helped us to reach our goals.

We are indeed "ordinary people, achieving extra-ordinary results"!

We look forward to helping shape and build the future of area for all to enjoy and say "We are proud of our home, Hindmarsh!"